Sachin Jain

MD, Forevermark Diamonds

Sachin Jain is the President of Forevermark – a wholly owned subsidiary of the world’s largest diamond producer – De Beers Group. At Forevermark, Sachin effortlessly juggles between multiple responsibilities whilst spearheading the business affairs of the brand; having joined the company asthe Head of Retail in 2010, he was swiftly promoted to the Managing Directorin 2011 and to become the President in 2013. Forevermark has been themost excitingphenomenon in the global diamond business and he leads thegrowth and formation of Forevermark in the Indian subcontinent.
Sachin is a passionate business driver whose clarity of vision has carriedvarious companies through rapid and abiding growth. He has a careerspanning 17 years at luxury goods and retail companies, but profoundlydriven by his love for building businesses, teamwork and creating lastingrelationships, Sachin considers himself an entrepreneur at heart.
International brands that are newly launching in the Indian market havebecome his specialty by default. Having started his career as a youngbusiness graduate with Monks Italia that had only just launched in New Delhi,he took his learnings from the business to Benetton in 1999 as it made anentry into the Indian market. He left his position here as the regional manager,to join the Swatch Group as they brought Tissot to India in 2002. Where hewas elevated to Brand Manager and was the youngest person to hold thisposition. He was working at the Swatch Group till 2007.
Sachin later spent 3 years at Lladro and was pivotal in the overall growth ofthe brand, but most excited by the direct connect to the consumer that a newbrand launch like this brought him.
Usually travelling where work takes him, Sachin resides with his wife anddaughter in New Delhi. He loves the outdoors and photography, and is alwaysexcited to carry his camera to the Forevermark mine visits to Africa, and
combine his passion for the three.