Per Hornell

Market Manager, IKEA India

Per Hornell is Market Manager, Central Cluster and Expansion Manager, IKEA India. He has the task to lead different expansion activities in the markets, drive brand positioning, extraordinary growth and sustainable profitability and develop IKEA as a multi-channel retailer in India. Per is a member of the India management board. Per joined Inter IKEA Systems in 2006. After leading Inter IKEA Systems Distribution, he joined IKEA Group in 2013 to lead Distribution Service Asia Pacific in India, China, Australia, Japan and South Korea. He was a member of the Asia Pacific Retail Country Boards and joined IKEA India in March 2017 to help set up a strong foundation for IKEA
in a market with the biggest growth potential. Per enjoys learning about different cultures. He has lived and worked in the Netherlands and China. His passion for India and the opportunity to work directly with the launch of IKEA Retailing in India made him join the India team. Per lives in Mumbai with his family, a city they are excited to enjoy as their new home for many years ahead!