Mridula Jain

MD, Shingora Textiles Limited

Mridula Jain, born into a family of professionals & married into family of businessmen retained her parental genes even in the changed atmosphere after her marriage. She had done her graduation in science & math’s with a degree in B.Ed before her marriage. But she continued her studies even afterwards. She completed a degree in post graduation in English literature. During the time her two sons were born.
She did work from home for 10 long years teaching school students the subjects she specialized in. This was due to the fact she wanted to be with her sons while they were growing up. But her inner urge for entrepreneurship took shape when she decided to work out of home, when her kids became young school going boys.

Economic development

A creative urge stuck her when she realized the importance given to Pashmina & Toosh shawls which were becoming a rare & expensive for to the ordinary women. That was the time she threw a challenge to her friends, “I will create something that will make you forget Pashmina & Toosh.
So in 1987 Shingora shawls was born. It was with eight handlooms she started her unit. She started marketing her creations with her husband help. Since she had created innovative designs with mirror work, hand painting, and Phulkari Emb on shawls the response was immediate. She created a totally new look in conventional kulu shawl by
weaving beautiful mixtures of flowery pattern intermingled with checks & stripes in bold new colors.
Being smart elegant and warm, they caught the fancy of women and well considered the “in thing.” for the fashion conscious women.
Her next initiative was the Wool Woolens Export Promotion Council. After convincing the lady head of this Govt. Body to promote shawls for export, she was lucky enough to be sent to tour and study the European market for shawls. There was no looking back as the participation in European International Fairs opened Pandora box for Shingora as well as for the whole shawl industry.

Mrs. Mridula Jain, as Chairperson of Shawl club of India an Association of Wool Mark licensees has worked for the industry Shawl, in various important issues. She got the very important Reservation Act for Shawls manufacturing only in handloom amended so that shawls could be woven on Power Looms and Electronic Looms also. This step again opened up flood gates for production facilities of shawls . As huge quantity could be woven to be able to entertain orders for export to Europe, U.S. and Japan etc.
This step was essential as America and European stores look for quantities whenever a product is in demand.
Now, she is mostly working with various ministries in the Govt. to resolve the problems being faced by the Shawls Sectors from time to time.
She is at this time a member of Steering Committee of Handloom & Handicraft Sector for 12 th Five Year Plan in the Planning Commission.
Awards and accreditions
Meanwhile, Mrs. Mridula Jain was honored with different awards both at State and National levels.
 She received Mahila Udyog Ratna in 1993
 Women Entrepreneur of the year in 1994
 State award of the Best Entrepreneur in 1995
 Award for outstanding window display in Ludhiana by International Wool
Secretariate in 1998
 Mahila Navrattan Award by International Friendship Spciety on India in 1998
 Wool Mark Company’s Award in 2003
 Award of Honour on International Women’s Day 2008 by Social Security &
Child Development Department Punjab, Z TV Uddami Sanmaan award 2013
 Best Woman Entrepreneur Exporter Award by ECGC – Dun & Bradstreet
Exporters' Excellence Award 2015
 Award in appreciation of service to Industries by Shri Sukhbir Singh Badal,
President of Shiromani Akali Dal etc.
 FICO “Excellence Award For Industry in 2016.
 Global Achiever’s Forum presented Lifetime Achievement Award to Mrs. Jain for
being Pride of Ludhiana in 2017.
The export and the sale of company grew from meager 8 Lac in the first year to
90 crores after 31 years of her laborious years.


Mrs. Mridula Jain, through his corporate leadership has been sponsoring many cultural and social events.
The Shingora Textiles Limited now an ISO 9000 and SA 8000 accredited Company.
It has the most modern in house weaving unit, dyeing, washing, finishing, printing, cutting and stitching facilities Integrated together.
Social development
Mridula Jain, “The Woman” behind Shingora’s success story. She strongly believes that the route to women empowerment is through education only. Shingora Family Foundation was born to turn this belief into reality.
The Shingora Family Foundation was started in 2014, which provides quality education to the underpriveledged girl child. Currently the foundation is supporting 56 girl children aged 3 to 17 years old.
It provides the school fees, uniforms, school bags and stationery, as well as transportation from the child’s residence, and in some cases extra tuition.

It organizes celebrations and medical checkups to keep the girls & their parents engaged & motivated.
It conducts sessions like “Good touch” “Bad touch” . To enable the girl child and their mothers to understand that not every person, coming in their or their child’s contact is safe for their child.
The foundation also, regularly moniters the performance of the children and interacts with their parents to motivate them for the overall development of their child.
Apart from Shingora family foundation, she is also chairperson of “Lets Clean Ludhiana Foundation”. An NGO working for the cleaning of Sidhwan canal the life line of Ludhiana. This NGO has been working from few years keeping the canal area clean.
Already 10 corporates have pitched to cover the 10 out of 11 bridges in the canal by putting up meshes so that industrial or religious garbage cannot be thrown into the canal.
She is also Vice-chairperson of “Public Police Foundation”. This NGO is working as a gap filler between public and police authorities by creating awareness about the issues that need to be highlighted by the help of Local Police authorities or local MLA’s or MP’s.