Managing Director, Sangeetha Mobiles

If the reputation of an organisation is defined by the quality of its leadership, Sangeetha Mobiles Pvt. Ltd. is fortunate to be headed by an individual who exemplifies all the sterling attributes of a visionary and dynamic leader.

L Subhash Chandra has not just guided Sangeetha Mobiles from a fledgling start-up to the multi-product retail powerhouse that is today, but is also a key evangelist in creating a blueprint for the future, with a vision for the company to be at the vanguard of a new retail revolution.

Presiding over South India’s largest mobile retail chain, which has turnover of over INR 1,000 crores (USD 161 mn) and seven million customers, Subhash Chandra oversees the operations of the chain’s 300-plus outlets. Under this second-generation entrepreneur’s leadership, Sangeetha Mobiles has also successfully transitioned into an omni-channel retailer, with an ecommerce destination that is just as popular as its physical stores.