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Be a part of various roundtable conferences, educational sessions and workshops, presided over by 200+ speakers representing the visionaries and the luminaries of the retail world. Have a look at the full schedule below.

25th SEP 2019 I DAY 2

Opening Presentation by Mr. Anurag Mathur, Partner, PWC


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IRF: Is Experience the Next Location for Retail?

At a time when customer experience is driving retail formats and even mall management strategies, is location still a primary consideration or can brands through their offered ‘experience’ create and sustain a destination as the go-to location.
•Retail site selection remains a science but is increasingly assimilating elements of being an art form. Key parameters like demographics, zip code analysis, accessibility, visibility, traffic flow and business and sales forecasts all dive into property selection by retailers and previous learnings have contributed towards ensuring store successes and creating a higher brand recall.
•Are mall owners now better equipped to understand retailer needs and curate spaces/zones for increasing customer acquisition? How far are we from destination retail in a homogeneous concept encompassing standalone big box formats, high street and organised mall formats which can create hitherto unexplored retail locations?

•As we move towards creating more experiential concepts, store formats are now taking on a life of their own. Do unique store/retail concepts have the ability to create new retail neighbourhoods and spur more business activity even in locations off the beaten path?

Session Leader: Anshul Jain, Country Head & Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

Session Leader: Anshul Jain, Country Head & Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

* Bipin Gurnani, President & CEO, Prozone
* Lalit Jain, VP Property Project and planning, RP-SG Group (Spencer’s Retail)
* Mohit Bhayana, Head of Retail & Sales, Marks and Spencer India
* Amol Akolkar, Director – Store Development, Starbucks India
* Srinivas P Reddy, Head-Real Estate, Workplace & Infrastructure (Expansion & Facilities), Cure.Fit
* Mukesh Kumar, CEO, Infiniti Mall


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Keynote: The Journey To Remarkable: Reimagining Retail In The Age of Amazon


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Presentation by -Nielsen


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The Experience Economy- How the new food retail is driving the Retail Industry to the next level?

In the new food retail ecosystem – New Formats, New locations, New Menu and New capabilities are required to run a successful restaurant Business. This session will bring together India’s most-accomplished Retail Stakeholders & F&B Leaders to discuss the mega-trends in consumerism that are impacting the F&B and retail real estate industries.
•In-store experiences- building physical restaurant spaces into technology-focused experiences is task for developer & F&B leaders- how to collaborate for the New-age disruption?
•Consumer expectations continue to grow as they want to purchase items quickly and conveniently without any disruptions to daily life-How restaurants and developers are dealing with this “on-demand food retail”?
Subscription economy and personalised food the new Wave- Mall Leaders are instituting new ways to bring the same levels of data to the physical store that e-tailors currently enjoy-Having a better understanding of the customer is going to be of paramount importance in the food service industry- Agree or Not ?
•Millennials have been in spotlights for quite sometimes now, Gen Z is set to impact the future of food and drink innovation- in this case what works best for a retailer and developer to pamper this league?
The Youniverse- It’s no longer just about fashion, what you eat or where you ate has become an important form of self-expression- what opportunities can be tapped ?
Session Leader-Bimal Sharma, Head – Retail, Advisory & Transaction Services, CBRE South Asia


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Influencing Shoppers through Design Ideas: Stores Concepts, New Formats and Websites that Build An Involving, Engaging, Collaborating Interface for the Shoppers

Customer’s today hop over from store to store unless the design, ambience and aesthetics, really engage and involve them. Their attention is harder to capture than ever before and they are increasingly discerning about how they spend their time and money. We learn from design experts and creative retailers the power of Design, combining both spatial, experiential, ambient and digital elements, where you can take away some practical tools and ideas for running them on your own.
•Omni-channel retailing is the only answer for major players in the future
•Bricks and Mortar stores must re-think their concept and give consumers much more of a shopping Experience through excellent designed stores and impeccable service.
•Company culture will be increasingly becoming more important in the success of retailing in the future


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Networking Lunch Break:


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Profitable Retail Growth – The game of win-win partnership between Retail Real Estate and Retail

•Innovate, capture value, and stay relevant for 21st-century shoppers- What are the opportunities for mall operators and retailers to grow mutually and hit the bull’s eye?
•Are retailers and Shoppers ready for new and innovative real estate concepts, such as pop-up shopping centres with good examples being ‘Boxpark’ in London and ‘Common Ground’ Shopping Centre in Seoul. Because this is new and this is experience, does this tie-in with the economics?
•Higher dwell time into greater Monetization – When you create Customer Experiences, you have a long-term and long-spending consumer who comes over and over again, while the current ticket size might be low and retailers have to accept lower revenues per sq.ft. Where will the balance be – Profitability or loyal Customer Experiences?
•Smaller cities witnessing a new level of urban renewal and growing affluence – ‘Smart Cities’ tag, urban housing, infrastructure development – how is this translating to developers & Brands seeing the next opportunity?
•Reinventing the lease agreements- Footfall-based charge could be a new normal –how to capture value from the growing trend of customers coming into stores to touch and feel products but completing the purchase online
Session Leader-Shubhranshu Pani, MD – Retail Services India, JLL


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Presentation- Vir S Advani, Managing Director, Bluestar


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How International Retailers are disrupting the Indian Market?

Eyeing untapped market~ what it takes for an international Brand to plan entering in India-what triggers the most?
• How to be GLOBAL while thinking GLOCAL- understanding the Indian consumer psyche?
• Cracking the pricing for a diversified market like India- what it looks like ?
• Source the right local partner and find the best strategy to penetrate India
• Focus on established international brands & best experiences
• Location that matters the most
• Discovering Foreign retailers looking for expansion in India

Presentation by- Ina Dawer Research Manager-India and Pakistan, Euromonitor
Session Leader-Vivek Kaul, Head of Retail – Asia, CBRE


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IRF: Turning Malls into Profit Centres with a Dash of Entertainment & Leisure

Malls have re-invented the wheel and embraced entertainment as an important driver to churn the fate of their centres These new retail/restaurant/entertainment hybrids are capturing an increasing share of families’ limited disposable out-of-home leisure time and their retail spending, this session will bring together all the stakeholders who are involved in making a shopping center beyond shopping!
•The idea of adding major Family Entertainment Centres (FEC) has in malls been gaining popularity rapidly over the last few years- How far Indian Shopping Center Community has come ?
•New entertainment destinations such as urban entertainment centers and location-based entertainment centers are appearing, many with retail as a significant part of their mix- what growth this industry has witnessed?
•FOOD HALLS – A Must Have For Shopping Centres – The New Stars In The Industry
•The business of Restaurant bringing business in: How Rising Consumer Expectations are Changing the Foodservice Game and how it can be of a benefit to Developer?
•One size doesnt fit all- How developers are creating innovative spaces and formats for it’s tenants visibility, what it takes to be profitable while experimenting with Retailers.

Session Leader: Samir Kuckreja, President – NRAI, Founder & CEO – Tasanaya Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.


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Presentation by- Chris Milliken, Co-founder and Director, Freeport Retail (London)


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IRF: The Power-Pack Finale – Retail Leader’s Conclave

•What it takes to be an unconventional leader, and how it motivates your team
•Best Practices to reach and engage Millenials and GenZ
•How To Build a New Age Consumer Brand : Transforming from Great Product to Great Business
•In Pursuit of Personalisation : what works ,what doesn’t
•Innovation is beyond new technology — it is about building the culture in the organisation to implement innovation- What it takes for a leader to balance both side of the coins?
•The Importance of Internal Collaboration To Elevate Customer Experience and Results
•The Power Of Investing In Your Front Line

Session Leader-Anuj Puri, Chairman, ANAROCK


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24th SEP 2019 I DAY 1

Welcome Note by Reed Exhibitions


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Partnerships for Success

Presenter- Shailesh Paul, Vice President, Head of Merchant Sales & Acquiring, India & South Asia, Visa


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Knowledge Presentation- by Deloitte


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Presentation- by Naveen Jaggi, President Americas
Retail Advisory Services, Leasing and Capital Markets, JLL


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IRF’s Chairman Welcome Keynote: Siddharth Yog, Founder and Chairman, Virtuous Retail Founding Partner, The Xander Group Inc. Professor, Harvard Business School


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INAUGURAL PANEL DISCUSSION Powering India’s Growth Engine for Retail, Consumer Goods and Lifestyle Community

Session Moderator: Siddharth Yog, Founder and Chairman, Virtuous Retail Founding Partner, The Xander Group Inc. Professor, Harvard Business School


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New Launch by DLF


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Fireside Chat- Indian Retail – Moving from ‘Infancy’ to ‘Maturity

Renowned business leader Anuj Puri engages with Retail Czar Mr. Adeeb Ahamed, MD, Tabelz (LULU Group) in a candid conversation


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Retail Leader’s Conclave: The HOT-SHOT Session
Fostering the Retail Leadership Spirit : Forging Passion, Idea, Scale, Opportunity, Ambition

  • The most promising Retail Leaders of the nation – what makes them – is it their personality, the IDEA, FINANCIAL backing, or PEDIGREE
  • Building India’s Next Unicorn – what differentiates ambition from crazy belief
  • How successful Retail Leaders have built their ideas from scratch to marquee investments / Public offers
  • Zenith of Innovation – is Technology overplaying its promise or is it really a big enabler?
  • Retail’s tryst with tomorrow – the most promising categories to build your ideas on in Retail
  • Impact of Entrepreneurship on Retail Real Estate
  • The 5 best tips for Starting Up
  • What I learnt from my first 50 customers
  • Protect your idea – IP strategy for start-up concepts
  • Missing bits of the Startup ecosystem

Session Moderator:
Abheek Singhi, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group (Advisory Member)


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Networking Lunch Break


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Moving beyond metros to the real Bharat for growth

Session Highlights:
• Can Bharat stimulate the consumption story for India?
• Is Rural India the engine for growth 2.0 for Indian retailers?
• Does online model hold a better chance of success in Indian rural market?
• What is the recipe for building a sustainable growth model in rural India

Session Leader: Sanjesh Thakur, Partner, Deloitte India


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Raising the Billion Dollar Retail Industry:

Investors & Retailers Perspective of What’s Next for the Indian Retail Industry?

Session Leader: Anuj Kejriwal, MD & CEO, ANAROCK Retail (Advisory Member)


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Presentation by- Nielsen


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IRF: IRF: The Game behind retail store Expansion- Moving from zero to a chain store keeping traditional malls at heart”
How developers are redefining the strategies for rolling out “Off-Mall locations” from retailer’s Mind

* Ramesh Nair, CEO & Country Head, India, JLL
* Rahul Vira, CEO, Skechers South Asia
* Harsh V Bansal, Director, Unity Group
* Rajneesh Mahajan, CEO, Inorbit Mall
* Shashie Kumar S, COO, Brigade Group


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Shepreneur Conclave

It’s all about Beauty and Business
Learn from the leading wonder women’s of the retail industry who have disrupted the future of Retail
Session Highlights:
Women business owners are powering the retail industry. Such women are the manifestation of power and inspiration that can lead the world to an inclusive future. Women entrepreneurs not only have the capability of standing on their own but also to empower other women through their experiences of overcoming familiar challenges. Putting the spotlight on these conversations,
• Painting the retail industry Pink-Turning Passion into successful retail business
• Creating your brand image as elite yet affordable
• What it takes to stand apart from the spectrum of leading a retail business
• Balancing passion with stressful entrepreneurial journey- what are the other side of a Women’s story?
• Building and scaling talented human resource to scale up your business-Do you know if your team has what it takes to succeed?
• “Sustainability” – What Plan your retail business has?

Session Leader- Ekta Suri, Producer and Special principal correspondent, Zee Business


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Networking Tea Break


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