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As retailers, you need to go where your customer is. Which is why, figuring out the nuts and bolts of omni-channel retailing – the development of a seamless consumer experience through all available shopping channels – is front and centre at all retail boardrooms. Many retailers, in India and elsewhere, are already making a – somewhat educational – journey to that utopian land. Yet, many of these retailers may not get ahead in time.

And that is the mission of the second annual India Omnichannel Forum at the India Retail Forum 2017 on September 19 and 20, 2017 at the Renaissance Hotel & Convention Centre, Mumbai.

The Forum will also include the IMAGES Retail Technology Awards, to recognise excellence in concepts and formats leading the omnichannel revolution in India. The inaugural edition of IMAGES Retail Technology Awards on 19 September 2017 will honour retailers who have done exemplary work in the deployment of various IT solutions in the organisation, which has resulted in delivering better customer experience and enhanced business operations.