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India Fashion Forum (IFF)

Recognised by the international fashion and retail community through its B2B Magazines, Conferences, Exhibitions, Research Volumes, and Web Portals, the India Fashion Forum is trusted as the catalyst for profitable growth of fashion business through knowledge platform leadership.A strong portfolio of business publications and research reports have served since 1992 to inform, advise and inspire leaders and decision makers of the fashion industry. Focused media serves the Fashion industry across various operations through its various print and online publications and websites.

The need to connect with businesses, people, knowledge and ideas associated with fashion creation and modern retail is served by IFF Business Exhibitions and networking meets. Conducted alongside these, Knowledge Forums and Conferences featuring global leaders inspire not just debate and discussion, but even influence policy decisions.

Images Fashion Awards (IFA) at IFF recognises outstanding performances in the business of fashion…. And are loved for the style with which these successes are celebrated.

IFF Privilege Members’ Club

IFF offers a host of services to its privilege members – connecting the entire value chain (designing, buying & sourcing to manufacturing, merchandising, branding, marketing & retailing) – serving the entire fashion sector through its various knowledge & innovation platforms round the year.

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